The Healthtrack Clubs founder strongly believes that the traditional adult focus of the vast majority of UK health clubs disadvantages families, where children should be the focus, and so have developed a new and different approach that has already received widespread support from all those in the industry who have been consulted – and they are numerous.

All the research undertaken by Healthtrack to-date supports this thinking, whether simply acknowledging the steady increase in the UK birth rate (now at the highest level since 1972) or the projected 18% growth in primary school places across the period 2012 to 2020.

All serviced by a lounge and healthy eating café. The children’s and youth facilities are not an optional extra or an add-on but the core rationale for the family focused HealthTrack clubs. Smaller models exist at 4,800m2 depending on the site specifics, local demographic and risk analysis.

We offer: