Nigel Morley, Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson, Sheffield

“We have known Andy for a number of years and his work in sport development and participation is highly regarded nationally for its innovation and fresh thinking.The key to a Healthtrack operation is its child design focus and providing a reason for parents to enable their child, as well as them, to participating in physical activity – it’s not about “gym bunnies” but adults playing sport in functional fitness training and structured leagues in multi sport family settings with the mother at the heart of those healthy lifestyle decisions.

We see Healthtrack being extremely valuable to Academy schools who want to open their doors and become Extended Schools embracing the community and sports clubs who are asset rich, cash poor and in massive need of being re-invented”.

Edward Nash, Nash Partnership, Bath

“The model has been attracting a lot of interest, especially with several of the national supermarket companies. Setting the Healthtrack model alongside a supermarket is a convenient pairing, as it means children can be actively engaged when the weekly shop is being done.It extends the recent development of supermarkets as one of a number of leisure time entertainment opportunities much anticipated in the pairing of many retail warehouse sites with multi-screen cinemas".